Monday, December 20, 2010

winter wonderland?

This winter has started early and is accompanied by generous snow shower and snowstorm lately. Today I was out of my room and found out that the virgin snow is at least 20cm thick! It was beautiful, really! And I saw some children playing on sleds. I might want to make a snowman later ;) However on the dark side, the bus lines has stopped for today and the thickness of the snow (and if the snow melts; the slippery ice) has made biking difficult. Not to mention, the cold!

vossendijk, nijmegen. as captured by eugin on 19 December 2010, 21:30.

weather forecast as seen on Hoping for a friendlier winter, no?

take care, everyone!

Indonesian Culture Day 2011 (teaser)

It's coming soon xD have you noted down "ICD" on 15 January 2011 on your agenda? and don't forget to visit the website, too! See you there, people :)


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Culinary Night (23 October 2010)

up to bottom: pindang srani, mie super duper lekker, sate padang, ayam pop dan pecel, gado-gado, cumi balado. last but not captured by the cam, cendol. YUUUUMM!!!

glorious food. beautiful people. thank you for the amazing night :)

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pipin's singing @ ppi eindhoven's made in indonesia

photo credit: PPI Eindhoven. left to right: damar, yosua, jonathan, tammy, bella, carlin, octa, dyah, nila, meily, cedoth, eugin, christa, dhanu. too bad sanny's beating the drum behind.

PPI Eindhoven's Made in Indonesia was held on September 25, 2010. Pipin was participating as a vocal group performing one of Indonesian national song, "Tanah Airku". The stage was started with a poem by Christa, and ended with a warm response from the audience asking for encore ;)