Saturday, March 13, 2010

The newborn PPI Nijmegen!

There was once PPI Arnhem Nijmegen. However, due to the distance and increasing number of students in both cities, the organization split. On the cold cold 26 February 2010, 'Nijmegeners' (self-proclaimed nick name by some Indonesian students in Nijmegen :p) gave birth to PPI Nijmegen. It aims to facilitate communication and good 'silahturahmi' among the Indonesian students, especially in Nijmegen. Other reasons such as practicing organization skills, exploring the interest in music and sport are also there, but creating some sort of 'family or home' for the students is still the main ambition ;D

Not to mention, to support PPIN's activities, people in charge of some departments were chosen by the elected chairman. The committees in PPIN are as following

The chairman. Our charismatic and outgoing Yosua's elected for year 2010.

The vice-chairman, is his fellow Taruna allumnus contender, Damar.
Octa is the 2nd secretary. enough said :p

The main secretary is the cheerful and active Alin.

The treasurer, the witty and sensible Tammy.

The Student Affairs Department, or Seksi Kemahasiswaan,
the hippie&skinny duo: Stella and Ilham, responsible for reaching out the new comers :P

The Art Department, the hard-working Dyah,
will organize art and music- related activities.

The Sport Department, in charge of organizing PPIN participation in sport events,
is occupied by the jayuzz force from LS1: Dhanu and Meily!

Last but not least, The Information and Publication Department, Bella and Eugin. We'll be especially in charge of this blog (and other publication stuffs -teasers, posters, etc.), so please don't mind our frequent use of broken language :p

The committees and most of the active members are undergraduate students from HAN University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen). More members are students of graduate programs in Radboud University and HAN. Let's enjoy our stay in Nijmegen :)



Jubillix said...

Altijd nijmegen tuh kurang J hahah xD

Congrats for the new blog! eh beli domain aja tuh apa gitu hehe

Cheers :)

PPI Nijmegen said...

oh iya kurang J-nya =_=b makasi ralatnya
soal beli domain, oke juga tuh.. tapi kita coba2 pke blog dulu lah n liat perkembangannya gimana ;)


Jubillix said...

haha ga mahal kok $10 (before tax) kalo pake google, dapet google apps lagi, coba liat settings/publishing/custom domain

farra said...


saya fuady dari fkui, mau berkunjung ke nijmegen untuk tiga pekan (1-16 September 2010). akan sangat berbahagia kalau bisa ketemu teman-teman PPI. sekaligus minta informasi tentang puasa dan lebaran di sana ya...


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